Getting a NH Contractors License

If you work in construction in New Hampshire, you can usually do so without a license if you are handling basic work. However, if you are working in a skilled trade, you need a license to legally perform that work. The length of time that it takes to attain a license varies from one profession to the next. It is important to understand the amount of training you need beforehand so you know more of what to expect when it is time to get your New Hampshire contractor license.

What Do You Need?

Some professions may require that you have hands-on work experience to qualify for a license. This is true of a plumber in many cases, although you can also be licensed in the profession, too. The plumbing position is just one of the many. Some require that you have basic skills and no college, and others want a mixture of skills, training, and college expertise.

Other Requirements Don’t Matter

No matter the other requirements, if you want a contractor’s license in the state, there are a few things that you first need to do to get the license. First, make sure that you study for the test, although you might very well know the information, when it is time to take a test you could get nervous and forget everything that you know. A little extra studying never hurt a soul.

Costs of a License

There are also fees involved with the license, and the test that you must take to earn the license. Be prepared to pay the fees for both on the day that you take the test. If you pass, you receive a contractor’s license that is valid for two years of the issue date. After this time, you must reapply for the license and once again pay the fees.